Powder Coating

At Creative Custom Finishing we understand the significance of powder coating. It is the last step before construction or assembly and is the process that determines the quality of any part. Nature plays a crucial role in damage to our outdoor items. Every so often we get hit with rainy days, gusts of wind, snowy roads, and burning summers. When it comes to your investments, don’t let weather ruin them with corrosion or deterioration. This can all be prevented by applying a professional custom coating. Creative Custom Finishing can refinish all your metallic items of  choice, and apply custom powder coating to them as a method of protection. Creative Custom Finishing offers powder coating for industrial, retail, manufacturing, household, motor-sports, and recreation industries.


The Process

Powder coating is a process that utilizes an electrostatic process and heat to create an tough, impact-resistant coating on almost any metal surface. Powder coating looks like paint but acts as an armor. It is resistant to impact, corrosion, heat, abrasion, fading, and weather.


Our trained Creative Custom Finishing professionals will mask any areas of the part that should not be coated, and plug any holes that need to be left un-coated. Then the final step is exerted, and the coating begins. The positively-charged powder is sprayed onto a negatively-charged part, allowing the powder to cling \to the metal until it’s permanently baked on.

Color Options

Creative Custom Finishing offers several color options to choose from.

Powder coatings are applied in a variety of types. Each resin system has specific attributes that are able to better suit needs of specific environments. Some of the most popular types of powder coating include: Epoxy Powder Coatings; Polyester Powder Coatings; Hybrid Powder Coatings. The colors can be applied to any of these coating types. Our professionals will walk you through the process and making the correct decisions for the type of powder coating for your product.

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