What’s Hydrographics?

Hydrographics, also known as hydrodipping, immersion painting, water transfer imaging, is a unique customization process that allows Creative Custom Finishing to apply designs to an unlimited variety of products of your choosing. Hydrographics, in other words, is a custom design paint job for just about any 3-dimensional item. Hydrographics can be placed over powder coating, ceramic, and paint (depending on the application), and therefore the process can be done on products other than metal, such as polymers, fiberglass, and composite materials.


The Process

The custom design process begins with the pattern of your choosing. This pattern is a water-soluble vinyl film, and the film is cut accordingly to fit the size of your desired product to be dipped. The item is then laid on top of clean water where the water transfer printing occurs. A chemical activator is applied to the top of the vinyl film, causing the film to turn from a solid to a liquid ink pattern floating evenly across the water. Now the product is ready to be “dipped” into the solution. By dipping the product into the solution, the pattern will efficiently wrap around the item leading to a high-quality finish. The item is then coated with an automotive grade clear coat and the hydrographics process is complete.


What Creative Custom Finishing Offers

We have thousands of designs to choose from, you can browse our hydrographic film gallery by clicking here. If you don’t see the design you want, let us know! Creative Custom Finishing offers a large variety of custom designs, and our skilled professionals work diligently to ensure quality service. Creative Custom Finishing prides itself on working directly with our customers to create a finished product that will meet and exceed your expectations. Creative Custom Finishing looks forward to working with you on customizing your design through our unique dipping process providing you a durable, high-quality, and stylish finished product.

Projects We’ve Completed

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There are many hydrographic film patterns available. Take a look through our gallery and explore your options. Need a custom one off print? No problem this can be accommodated with custom film, made from your high res image.

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